you have a song stuck in your head, playing over and over, either the full song or just a small part ?

I absolutely hate it when this happens, because I'm so curious and want to know everything that I'll spend the whole day trying to come up with the song title, which by the way, usually never happens. Today I've had two songs stuck in my head already, of the first I wanted to know the name so I could find the tabs to play it... The second song is one I heard in a TV show about an hour ago..

Do you guys experience this too? What do you do when it happens?

PS: I'm giving this a shot, I'm pretty sure noone will actually be able to find the specific song I'm looking for, but why not! The song starts with a solo, not high-tempo, you could say the slower AC/DC style, but it's a different sound..
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Sing that particular song out loud.

I tried, but for some songs I only remember the instruments, so that gets kinda hard.

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I play guitar. Whenever I do that, I seem to forget it.

Hey, that's how I forgot the first song
Seriously: If I by chance hear it I Use Shazam on my phone. It's worked well in the past.
I go through the numbers 1 to 10 and back 15 times. Usually the song is out of my head by The Final Countdown.
Listen to something even more catchy
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What do you do if someone you know plays the song Poker Face and the chorus gets stuck in your head for 5 days?? Seriously, I need some help with this D:
Whoa, I figured out what song I was looking for!

I was thinking a long the lines of AC/DC, and many others, but I found the riff.
I don't know exactly how I found it, but I just typed in money for nothing in WMP and it was the song..

(Money for Nothing, by The Dire Straits)


aaah, love it!
What do you do if someone you know plays the song Poker Face and the chorus gets stuck in your head for 5 days?? Seriously, I need some help with this D:

Man the harpoons, obviously. Someone is asking you desperately for impalement.


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I listen to that song!

usually gets it outta my head.

The strangest i have had is Ozzy Osbournes Mr Crowley, but instead of Crowley it went Brownstone.

And also the intro riff from Dr Feelgood is just so catchy too for me!
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