I have been playing guitar for about 6-7 months. I have stopped practicing songs and have delved more into technique (scales, economy picking, legato) for most of my practice (yay for metronomes...). I focus on this so that I can be able to play anything, not just a couple of songs.
However, I do need a song that is for the electric only. I am learning to play Eruption (not too bad if you slow it down) and I liked learning Farewell Ballad, so I was wondering if anyone had any good songs that are along these lines? Not too easy, but maybe not as hard as Eruption (lets rule out vai and malmsteen too...). If you could direct me to a tab that accurately reflects the song that would be even sweeter.

P.S. I like classic rock, hard rock (van halen), and am starting to get into metal (more of the iron maiden stuff).
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One thing that was great for me was to learn Fade to black. Not only just one of the solos in there has something that you can keep working on. It surely devolped my skills in terms of alternative picking, motivated practising to get the stuff right. I believe that you should pick something that you can play faster than 25-40% speed, something that is challenging yet not too hard.

Then...When you come back a few months later, it's mediocre to you and then you can see your progress

Good practising dude.
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