Right now the palomino has the stock tubes (sovtek) and speaker (celestion, probably seventy 80). It sounds great the way it is, but the gain gives it sort of an american hard rock sound, and I'd prefer a more british classic rock tone , along the lines of marshall and whatnot. A little more mellow.

I'm thinking about upgrading either the speaker or the tubes (perhaps both), depending on which would get me closer to the sound I want. For the speaker, I was thinking a WGS Green Beret (greenback clone). As for the tubes, many people have recommended JJ power tubes and Tung-sol preamp tubes.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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Different people with different opinions, I suppose. I'm not really knowledgeable, especially when it comes to things like how tubes shape the tone in different slots. What would you recommend?
I've heard a lot of people recommend with the V15 and Palomino V16 that you swap out V1 and the phase inverter (V3) for lower gain tubes like 12AU7 and 12AT7's. I haven't personally tried any new tubes out because I'm still using the stock Groove Tubes, but I am definitely planning on buying some lower gain tubes to give it a bit more headroom. The most recommended set I've seen is a 12AU7 in V1, 12AX7 in V2, and 12AT7 in V3, and that's what I will be using when I upgrade the tubes. Whatever you do, remember the phase inverter needs to have matched sections.

As for the speaker, Greenbacks and their clones are great options for the classic British tone, but I'd suggest you also consider an Alnico speaker. If you're going for a Marshall tone, the Weber Silver Bell would be a great choice regardless of the magnet you use (ceramic, neodymium, or alnico). The Tone Tubby speakers that came in the upgraded version are extremely good, but they take a very long time to break in; I also cannot vouch for whether they sound British or not.
I have a V5 I put a Warehouse Veteran 10" in and JJ preamp and poweramp tubes and its got a waaay more british tone. Try those out, its only about 80$ worth of stuff too.