A nice instrumental song I recorded today. Just tell me what you think, any feedback is appreciated It's on my profile.

I will crit for crit
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Very nice intro. It got very Pink Floyd sounding. It sounds great the way it is, but I think if you wrote some more sections and riffs, and put in some vocals, that would be one epic song right there. But it's really just fine the way it is though. Really nothing bad to say about this track, nice riffs and leads and all the other stuff, good job.

Crit this, or if that's too long than this please.
The intro sounds great. I really love how it steadily builds into a big, somewhat epic sounding song. I love the effects in the intro and the voilins and such, they give it a really cool feel and really add to the song a lot. The leads are really awesome as well. My only complaints is that it's a bit short, though I'm in love with really long songs so thats more of a preference thing. Also, then strumming guitars and drums came in at the same time, and it sounded a bit odd. The drums are pretty quiet too. I want to say the acoustic part is repetitive but its really not, I love how it doesn't change much throughout the song. It never got boring. All in all, the song sounds great, just a couple little picky things here and there cause I'm a douche
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