As you may have heard Trivium is no longer with dean so matt's and corey's signature models have been significantly lowered in price and i was wondering if anyones heard the word on the corey model.

Considering the new price is it just whatever or an absolute steal??? How does it seriously compare to its new competition at this lower price? Would you take it over an esp/ltd 401 series? or the v500?

Ive got a guitar selling on ebay so i plan on making a purchase within the week and figured this time around i would break my bank account open by getting a $1000+ guitar. let me know, thanks
Electro Metal???

I dont really like it... the plain red just looks stupid to me, plus the weird V shape :S
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I own the guitar..its not plain red, it has black pin stripes that accent the shape really well..apart from the looks the guitar sounds really effin good..the neck pick up is so warm...then when you but the bridge solo pickup the sound gets so sharp merciless and so brutal..the pickups are usa made. The neck pickup is called the nostalgia and the bridge is the ascension...awesome guitar overall..
but what i wanna know is...how much will the value go up since its discontinued?
well if you own it, how does it play? is it well balanced when standing up? does it play against your human figure? does it make your wrist and forarm on the picking side akward?
Electro Metal???