ok this is going to sound very very very very very very very stupid but when it comes to customizing guitars im a very very very very very stupid person. Ok I just repainted my guitar and scalloped my neck and now i have to put it together again,

my problem is im not sure which way the pickups go, theyre basic passive humbuckers, with those little magnetic dots on top, i dont know how to tell the difference from one end of the pickup from the other besides these tiny pin sized hole that are on the top, There are two on one side and one on the other side, so maybe you could tell me that the side with two holes is below the high e string or something like that,

I know that this is stupid but nobody on the internet has given an answer to my studis question, so plz help me
it won't make all that much difference which way you orient them as long as you don't have them baseplate-up. >.<

pics, please?
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There was something about figuring out how to determine which pickup is which, in the wiring thread I believe.
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Have them so the wires coming out of the pickup run toward the bridge and the magnetic dots are facing up.
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are any of the "dots" higher than the others? Is so, you need to orient it so that the higher dot is under the g-string I think but someone will correct me if I'm wrong.