what do you gus think of the SG? I would be playing mostly punk rock like blink 182 and some alt stuff.
personally i like the sg alot. it takes a little getting used to (the neck feels very long when sitting because it joins the body at the very top, and the neck tips down a lil when standing with no hands on it) but very good guitar otherwise. love mine
get a epiphone g310 and a marshall mg for broootal overdrive
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The SG Thread pwns your thread.
I've got the Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400, and it's awesome!
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Epiphone SG can cover many models.From the POS special to the good value for money G-400.
IMO don't go any lower than a G-400.Gibsons are supposed to have a set neck,so making them bolt on probably isn't the best idea.
The G-400 is pretty solid its self,but hardware isn't the best.Get your self a G-400 (try and play a few first to get one that feels nice) and upgrade all the electronics.The tuners are decent,the bridge isn't bad.
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