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21 30%
Only in Canada
13 19%
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Is your drummer a retard
16 23%
Voters: 69.
My drummer and I are having an argument about whether or not Alexisonfire is mainstream. Poll Above
Does it matter?

Can you not just enjoy their awesome music and be done?


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They are not mainstream, but they aren't underground either. They are just a band that a lot of people haven't heard of.
The only correct answer, and it's sadly not on the poll, is that you're both retarded for arguing about such a superficial and meaningless topic. Go do something that actually matters.

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the argument here isnt that they are awesome which they are

its about how mainstream they are

i love there music
^ i agree with guitargod, they are getting big, but its not like they have hoards of fans, repetative plays on mtv2 tell you hate them and sell out arena tours

whether they are mainstream or not, that shoulnt make a difference, as i beleave it says in the bible "thall shall not stop liking a band just because they achieve mainstream popularity"
Umm, well..




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I would say

Yes, but only in Canada
^This post was probably sarcastic


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Yes, they're mainstream. You should stop listening to them now, otherwise you won't be tr00 anymore.
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They release badass amazing songs one after the other staying true to who they are, but unfortunately (I don't care but many do) these songs become popular and the band ends up showing up on TV and radio often (in Canada)

So in short are they mainstream (popular)?: Yes.
Does this make them bad? No.
Have they changed their sound to make it to the radio? No.
Yes they're mainstream.

No that shouldn't affect why you like or dislike the band. Only their music and lyrics (IMO crappy, being why i don't like them) should be the reasons for liking/disliking them.
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Alex is on Fire?


Alexis on fire!?

Any way, yes, they are, and you're no longer br00talz. : (
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Alex is on Fire?


Alexis on fire!?

Any way, yes, they are, and you're no longer br00talz. : (

its alexis on fire, thats what they say anyway, and i think its a reference to a pornstar or something called alexis fire. or something along those lines, i think i read that or heard it in an interview

apart from you and your ****ing drummer
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Is your drummer a retard
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