So today I was looking for Alkaline Trio tabs and I couldn't find the one I was looking for. Does anyone else have that problem with some bands they listen to?
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motörhead - ther are only a few
dream theater - I cant find the right ones
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Shai Hulud tabs are hard to find
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any Indie band is really hard to get tabs for but that comes with the fact that they are unheard of among most people
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Judas Iscariot and other "obscure" black metal bands
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Acid Witch, Witch, and Acid King are pretty hard to find.
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Arkaea... But there is a reasonable excuse there!
Depending on where you live I think they've just released their debut album, or but I don't think it's been released in the UK yet (where I am!)
The Open and The Stands.. No-ones ever heard of them and even less tab them :S
Aside from the Focus tabs available on Cynic's website, I can't find many good ones. Can only find a few for Aeon Spoke.
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