Hey guys, I have a problem with my amp...i think
I have a VOX valvetronix Ad50VT 2X12....this is my first amp.....i play guitar for 6 months .
My guitar teacher likes old stuff..ac/dc....eric clapton...etc....old stuff..
problem is that i don' like that crap...
I really love Children of bodom and As i lay dying at maximum .
But i can't smack out the tone from that amp lol....or i don't know how....
Should i change my amp or something?....metal amp .
Is vox crap at metal? i wanna play something modern lol not that old rock....
I have no problem with my amp at stuff like santana, satriani...and even ac/dc
I'm so pissed.....
Btw my guitar is a Schecter C1 Classic.
you should look at either a randall or even like a peavey valveking.

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Quote by dantel
hmmmm....what about a marshall? ?_?

Some Marshalls can do metal (JMC 800, etc I think), but they are more known for their crunch sounds. You could get one to sound metal, but if that is what you were going for then there are amps generally more suited to that style (Peaveys, Mesas,etc).

If you say your budget people can give you better advice. Also would you prefer tube or solid state?

EDIT: Also, what do you want it for? Bedroom practice or something for band practice/gigging?
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If yo want another modeller that does metal, look into a Peave Vypyr. I think it's crap but it gets all the plaudits on here for good metal tone on a budget.
Don't you dare ever call Clapton or AC/DC crap again. ever.

Anyways, i suggest to you a Marshall MG


Or a B52 At-112 (real suggestion)

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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Quote by jc349
Don't you dare ever call Clapton or AC/DC crap again. ever.

Agreed! Not to mention what the hell is with all the damn smiley faces and bull****?

As for amps a good metal amp is going to be a Peavey, solid state Marshalls (most of the time), most any solid state amps. or just get a pedal. no need to buy a new amp if you're not sure that anything's wrong with it.
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