Several months ago I bought one of these wonderful amps from Sam Ash. I was in love with the amp until recently when I began to notice a rattling/vibrating noise coming from inside the amp. Slowly this problem has gotten worse as time passes. I was wondering if anyone could help me diagnose this issue. Any help will be highly appreciated.
Loose tube or screw?
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Loose tube or screw?

Possibly. Im not really sure where the tube is located however. Where would you recommend I go to get the amp repaired?
Ahh same thing happened to me!

I love the amp, but as soon as I brought it home and plugged it in, depending on the note you would hit, you would get a vibrating/rattling from inside the amp. Easy to fix luckily.

Apparently the guy from the music store told me that because these amps are actually assembled in china, once in a while you get some that haven't been completely tightened up inside. So take it to any music store in town, ask them to go through the amp and tighten everything up nice and tight and you should be good. Or there is always warranty?