I recently made my first ever trip to a guitar center... nearly jizzed in my pants... anyway, I bought a B.C. Rich Warlock (bass) and they didn't have any bags in stock that fit. I checked online and there like $120 for one... nearly jizzed brown stuff out of the other side of my pants... So I'm just wondering what cheaper bags that fit it. So, anybody know?
Just a standard Warlock, It was only $150 used, and its in great condition, and I'll check Warwick.
you could try ebay try looking up ritter gigbag. its where i got my gigbag for my flying V. so it should be able to hold.
of course you could try musicians friend.com its cheaper and a little easier to navigate.
Well I'm kind of afraid of just ordering one online, Like, What if it doesn't fit?
I say hit the other local stores and just see if they have one that fits. that's your best bet to make sure it fits.
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