Title didn't mention they were crappy phone pics. But they are pics.

Now I know you're thinkin: "WAT? Thought Grizzly made tools?" Well, they make a bass kit too. 'Bear' with me [/bad pun]

Solid alder body, rear rout control cavity...and pics

Maple neck with rosewood fretboard, angled headstock for 2 and 2 tuners

Mock togetherness

All hardware included
Pickups are supposedly humbucking, dunno the tonal quality at all so we'll find out after a while. It's gonna take some time for updates, the drillpress hasn't been used in 2 years and needs a tuneup, and I need that to do just about everything except finishing, which needs the holes drilled.

Definitely gonna need some help with specifics on finishes. I KNOW, there's a sticky. Project guitar doesn't seem to have all the specifics I need, it sends you to a dead stew mac link. I'm thinkin I'm gonna stain the wood with some minwax, sand it back to make the grain pop, and clear coat it with semi-gloss. Sound legit?
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