Cannot say I'm the best at haggling or have done it really,

but enlighten me with some tips on how to get the best deal.
Well, there's always stealing, but I wouldn't recommend that.

EDIT: God DAMN it. Beaten again.
come to think of it i havn't gotten mine for july yet

in respones to the question become a real sales person and beat the guy at his own game

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They usually have no problem knocking some price off of guitars or amps. Just ask them whats the least you can get it for. I've got some killer deals there. I walked out with a new Schecter XXX that was 450 on Musicians Friend for 325.
i think if u find a price somethin that they hav that u can get online (other than guitarcenter.com) or at a different store theyll match it or use the 10% coupon on the back of the catalog...
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The ten percent off coupon that comes with the catolouges.
Has anyone got a new catolog latly? Last one I got was in Febuary I think.

i got one a few days ago for 20 pecent off and 50 bucks off for purchases over 350

i usually haggle with them by being like
awwe this is real nice but, its kinda outta my price range, oh man :c
and usually they cut me a deal
If you're buying something expensive, ask if they can knock off a hundred or something. Also, floor models, you can usually get a 15% discount.

I thought the 10% coupon doesn't work with most guitars...

Edit: Don't look happy with the guitar, inspect it for nicks and dents and ask if you can get a discount or something for free.

Of course that's assuming its a guitar not an amp or anything.
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its all about confidence. you have to treat the sales person like a servant almost. be respectful of course but you must act as though its your show. you should be in the frame of mind that the sales person is asking YOU for a favor by him wanting you to buy whatever you happen to be looking at. and beware of good salesmen because THEY will play the exact game with you and posture themselves the same way. its all about assuming the role of the alpha male without being disrespectful in any way. its a hustle and its an art. and its all about confidence.
screw guitar center
you cant haggle worth a damn over there, they are bloody nazis

try sam ash
they are MUCH more accommodating
took 100 dollars off my RG 420 when i walked in with cash, frekin GC just referred me to another piss teenager who couldn't tell his ass from his dick if it was standing right in front of him

granted...I know this went slightly off topic, but sorry, i hate GC
I'd be interested in any strategies as well... the GC here has a JCM800 combo that caught my eye the other day....
Yea, I'm a bit small for my age and have a kinda cute innocent look about me. I went for the "Aww, this is a bit outta my price range" at a local guitar shop for my first guitar and got my LTD Viper-50 knocked from $250 to $180. I think with local shops they understand repeat business more than large retailers, not to mention my shop has a workshop where they do custom jobs and make guitar parts that work on big name guitars.
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Ask if you can get it any cheaper, I did that with my Epi SG. It was originally $300, I asked and the guy knocked it down to $250. Well actually we didn't buy it when he said that, we came in next week and said that one of the guys told us we can get it for $250, but another guy said we couldn't, so the final price ended up being $290, plus I got 3 sets of strings, a cable, and a gig bag all for free because of the misunderstanding.

Moral of the story, if they offer you a better price, take it, and buy the guitar right then and there, don't wait a week.
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Also, the first time you buy something big (a guitar or amp), ask for their name so you can ask for them the next time you buy something. If you keep buying from the same guy, and get on an acquainted level with them, they'll be more likely to give you price cuts.
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Look for defects. I didn't buy it at Guitar Center but I got $50 off my Tele because it had a small amount of paint missing from the finish about the size of the tip of a pen.
Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.
basically try to haggle as low as possible, get to where no matter what, they wont go any lower.

Now, act like if they dont go a little lower, you can leave and go elsewhere.

works for me
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Hell, alrigth guys. Thanks!

I'l be tryin a few of these out when it comes time to buy.
Internet prices.
Don't be an asshole to staff
Don't talk to asshole staff.
Just build your knowledge on the products that you're looking at, the staff will know that you're not a dope.
And know exactly what you want.
You're the buyer, if they want sales they should work for you.

Also just say
"I have 'this' much, and I have been looking at ___, do you think that I'd be able to have it for 'this' much?"

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getting something else for free is probably your next best option, if they won't knock off the price. I tried this same shtick about a week ago (actually, not even a week ago) for my marshall cab, and I didn't get anything knocked off, but he gave me a cord to hook up my head with, once I asked "what can I get this for?"