Well it's been a while since I posted in here, but now I'm back with a vengeance!

This is the newest song my friend and I co-wrote. I can't really name the genre for it as you'll see when you listen. I guess it's metal-ish for the most part. We're both really happy as to how it turned out. We think it's quite epic. It tells the tale of Zawari, the Unicorn of Time and his epic quest to save his land from the clutches of the evil Rewfafa. Anyways, enjoy and C4C as always. Just give me a linky.
Zawari Unicorn of Time.zip
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Not gonna lie, sounds like Dragonforce to me.

Power Metal is what I would peg this as for now.

Bar 17-21 = sweet

Bar 32 was a great listen too, sounds like Nevermore for some reason (bar41-42)

Bar 52 , wtf? haha, i loved it though, sounds funny as hell in guitar pro.

Bar 56 was a nice treat too, pedal tone to the max there. The 2 lead guitars work damn good if you ask me in this section.

Solo at bar 83 was my fav. part of the song.

Bar 93, not sure what to say, came out of nowhere but on its own its pretty slick (bar 97)

The outro, no comment. It's kind of all over the place, the outro lead/solo was a nice touch but w/ all the other instruments going it kind of gets lost.

Great job overall man, 10/10 since this is the most progressive/diverse song I've seen on the forums so far, my only gripe is the outro, keep up the good work!
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awesome song dude

I'll just start off with the things that could be improve in my humble point of view

Bar 40 - 47, the lead from track 6 (stewie) doesn't really appeal to me, it just doesn't seem to sound right there

Bar 39 - 102, how awesome as this may sound (it really does ) it just doesn't fit with the song I think, which is quite a shame, as I really like that part

Bar 103 - 108, I don't really like this part, the chromatics bring a feel to it which isn't worthy off belonging in the song.

Anyways, other than that it was really really great

really like how you've put the music-box sound in there in some places,
the solo's all fit in practically perfect and also sound amazing,
the acoustic part brings a nice change to it,
I especially like the weird harmonic stuff going on in bar 52-55, really brings a unique vibe to it, the harmony piece after it is great too

The acceleration at bar 74 brings another change which makes it really interesting, followed by a superb lead-piece.
The mellowish sounding starting at bar 110 is really nice and calm and building up again towards those leads brings a worthy outro to the whole piece

all in all a ****ing great piece of work, and if I was to rate it, I would give it a 9.999 out of 10

anyways, care to look at one of my pieces (preferably the second one from the two, since it had the least comments)
^That's not a chormatic section, it's whole-tone, so it's gonna be very akward sounding.
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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
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^That's not a chormatic section, it's whole-tone, so it's gonna be very akward sounding.

yeah, my mistake, wasn't paying attention to what it was really, but it really doesn't mind what it is, all that should matter is how it sounds
this song is pretty good. i dont understand why this thread doesnt have many posts on it. it seems like bad songs get more posts than good ones.
i dont really listen to much music like this but i liked it a lot. most stuff people post with
appregio sweeping stuff they dont change it up, they just play through the chords notes. you changed it up and used notes outside of the chord, and didnt do constant eight notes the whole time.

the use of the chior ahhs were done really well.

i liked the ending, even though it sounds
akward to some people, it really sets the mood.

although after listening to it, its hard to remember what it was like. there werent any special melodies that stuck in my head. but it doesnt seem like thats a problem because i did enjoy it while i was listening.

good peice man.

i hope you can check mine out, u seem like you know music pretty well.


like i said, this thread should have a lot more posts. i think most people only post if they have something to critique.
This is mycrit-for-crit crit. If you know what I mean. Thanks for your review of my RPG song.

This DOES sound like power metal, being a great thing. Not exactly Dragonforce, but that's alright. There is some power metal that is ALMOST as good as DF.

I am jizzing right now as I'm listening to the music/sfx arrangement. Great sweeping/shredding/harmony. Reminds me a bit of Powerglove and other videogame-metal bands.

Bar 32 is nice. Bar 56 has a very interesting baroque/neoclassical touch to it. Bars 62 to 67 were great. Bar 70 has a very interesting harmony. 75 is just freaking insane. The breakdown at bar 90~ was a bit awkward, though. Bar 110 makes me feel good. I don't know why. Bar 128 is beautiful. Bar 134 is the musical equivelent of an orgasm. 142 is like the after-sex cigarette. Bar 149 is freaking amazing. The ending just came too fast (no pun intended). I dunno, it ended too fast and without warning.

I love how the song is a mix between power-metal, vg-metal and prog-metal. For instance, at first I feel like I'm playing something like a really old 90's Sega arcade game. Then comes the Prince of Persia -kind of part, and at the end I feel like I'm playing a really happy Legend Of Zelda.

Damn, I've never written a crit even a fifth the length of this one .

Overall, an instant 15/10.

Thanks again for the crit.
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when I heard the Dragonforce style I didn't bother to continue. But it looks like you putted a lot of effort into it
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when I heard the Dragonforce style I didn't bother to continue. But it looks like you putted a lot of effort into it

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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
This song reeks of Dragonforce influence, but the leads just shock me. I'm honestly in awe of about half of them.

The acoustic part is really cool, and the lead that comes with it, some of it sounds kind of weird, but that seemed intentional.

I looked behind my back when rewfafa arrived. I was scared for my life, really creepy, this is where it gets more experimental.

Bars 60 and 61, like win. In such a simplistic way, they win.

This song just gets weird from there, I really dont like much else until bar 118, just because I picture a clear stream slowly running down a mountain, overlooking the still sleeping valley.

Bar 134 gets all happy and it is really cheesy, but in a way were I can actually enjoy it.

The storyline is awesome, as usual Stewie, 10/10

Yes, poop.
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when I heard the Dragonforce style I didn't bother to continue. But it looks like you putted a lot of effort into it

It looks like you putted a lot of effort into failing..

I wasn't expecting much after I read the description of the song, but, I was mistaken from the first. I really liked the soft feel in the beginning of the song. There however was only one part I didn't like and that would be around bar 50 when one of the guitars was really just going to town with the whammy bar.

I lied (This is a crit as I'm listening). The acoustic bar around 93 confused. I mean, if it was supposed to have a confusing feel that left the wondering where the guitar was going to next then, that was done successfully. (I mean that sincerely. Since it's a tale of Unicorns, this honestly could be a part where some sort of confusing spell has been cast or something)

Good song though, and judging from the ending, I'm guessing all went well for Zawari.
Dragonforce style?

lol wat?

But that was long as hell.

To me, the second half is much more enjoyable. I guess it's the more upbeat feel that gets me, especially the ending parts.

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