I'm going to go for the combo with the HT5 head and cabinet combo.

My local GC Has one with two cabinets for $600 (the combo with one can is $400, plus an additonal cab is another $130 so $530 altogether, $70 less than the combo)

So, are they stackable incase I decide I eed to get another?

There's a pic in the link for reference if needed

Did you never play with blocks?
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haha. of course they are. it'd be two of the same cab, so why wouldn't you be able to? think about it a bit.
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Did you never play with blocks?

This. and your OP kind of confused me... You put combo, head, and cab in the same sentence ... which are you getting?


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Did you never play with blocks?

Nope.....I had a very sad childhood that was a dark part of my life that I'm not very proud of. Haha, just wanting to be safe.

And to the other guy, By combo I mean the cabinet AND The amp head come together in one package.