So for a while now I've been wanting to do something with this bass sitting in a corner with no strings on it. The reason I've kept it, is, well, really only cause it was my first bass. But today I found myself, and decided to take it apart . As of right now, all the parts are out except the electrical crap, which I need to borrow a soldering gun for. This is what I'm thinking, assuming your looking at a Hartke SB-15 right now, I'm going to get new pickups, prolly tuning pegs, but keep all the black hardware, and paint it either white headstock, white body, or black burst on white headstock, black burst white body? Which do you think? I also need a pair of cheap (possibly used) P/J pups, because this really isn't that important to me. If you have any ideas I will take them all.


Pics soon