I remember reading a while back that there is a "best practice" for which guitar pedals should go before or after which others in your effects loop. For example, a Fuzz pedal should go after an envelope filter or Wah, but before a Volume pedal (or something). Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or have any insight into this "best practice"?
I don't think there is one. I find that the effects from the pedals that run last in my loop sound louder than the ones that i run first. I run my distortion pedals first so that they don't overpower some of my other pedals, for example phaser, flanger, etc. But I guess like most guitar issues its a matter of personal preference.
I depends on what kind of effects you have. I always put my delay pedal last beacuase it will echo all the sounds in front of it. Other effects like Phaser, Flanger and whatever should go through the effects loop if you have one.

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as said abonve somewhere, its mainly a matter of personal preference.

but, if your wanting advice on your pedals, then give us a list of what youve got and we can give some tips etc
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the order you put pedals in affects the sound but its your ears that have to judge the sound so in the end its up to you. the "standard", i believe would go tuner, volume, wah/envelope filters, distortion/overdrive/fuzz, modulation FX (like phaser,flanger,etc), reverb, delay. for eqs it just depends what youre trying to shape with it and place it directly after that (like if you want to shape the guitar output you would put it first but if you want to shape the distortions content put it after the distortion source or before for a smaller effect but significant in the harmonic overtones, etc.) and its plausible and occasionally usefull to have more than one in the signal chain. assuming you have an amp with an FX loop you usually leave the tuner, volume, wah, and most distortions (unless youre going for the pure sound of the distortion pedal without the added flavor of the amp) before the preamp and put everything else in the fx loop. there are advantages to putting some of the pre-preamp things in the fx loop if you want to retain more purity of your amps natural sound. just experiment and your ears will tell you better than i can. and if youre using a lot of different FX it might be a good idea to start a notebook for recording your setups and what sounds youre getting that you desire. its a long journey and your own ears will have to take you the last 99% so just take this and all advice in this thread as the first 1%.
Personally I usually run:
And yes whatever sounds best to YOU is what is best for YOU.
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i typically go
axe>OD>distortion> then the rest.
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Wow. Did not expect so many responses. Thanks guys! It didn't even occur to me that putting effects before the pre-amp, or in the effects loop, might give different tones. Thanks for the help!
guitar>tuner>wah>distortion>compression>all modualation fx>gate>>>>AMP..........the only thing i put in the loop is a delay
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Guitar -> Wah -> Modulation Effects* -> Delay/Reverb - > OD/Distortion/Fuzz

* = Chorus/Flanger/Tremolo/Phaser etc

Some pedals sound a bit crappy if you but a "stronger signal" into them - which is why I'd have anything that boosts your signal at the end (ODs etc).

Some people prefer to swap delay/reverb and OD/disto around.
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What about Boost? Should I stick that on the end (just before pre-amp)? Before or after a Volume pedal (I'm guessing before?)
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What about Boost? Should I stick that on the end (just before pre-amp)? Before or after a Volume pedal (I'm guessing before?)

I reckon at the end of your chain - just before the amp. Unless you want to use it to make a fuzz sound cooler.
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