Well the phone a currently have is on a prepaid plan, and is starting to fail. It likes to turn off when you bump it or drop it, it doesn't much for it to do this, so i am looking at new phones.

I am looking at a Blackberry Storm, a Samsung Omnia and a Motorola Hint. Whats the better phone for me?
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cool story, brah
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Cool story, bro.
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wow, those are some cool phones there. you must be cool too. too cool for UG.
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env touch
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Env Touch. Just got it...amazing phone!!!

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the black berry tour is comin out soon if you are serious about an extra 30 a month. i dig it
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I've heard bad things about the Storm, I would wait for RIM to try again at a touch phone if you want a BB with touch screen.

That's my two cents.
if you get the storm or omnia, i know that you have to pay an extra $40 bucks a month juus to use all the extra features for them.

EDIT: or in smaller terms: its and extra 40/m just to have them
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^ what kind of features would that include? I just need the basic things, call, text, Internet and E-Mail.
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Yeah I have the storm and it's great, though it does have some problems that annoy me sometimes but if you like the storm just wait until the Storm 2 comes out.

^^^ the extra 40 bucks you pay gives you unlimited access to the internet and email.
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^ what kind of features would that include? I just need the basic things, call, text, Internet and E-Mail.

im mean you get full html brower, email from your phone, usage of social networking sites like twitter abd face book, and you can use it as a gps, and really alot more, i know this cause my mom has the storm, i also know that there are even classes that verizon wireless does to help customers understand how to get the most out of their phones. i also know that there are system updates that you can get for the storm every now and then.

i dont know much about the omnia but the blackberry storm is a very usefull phone, if you want the pay the extra price.
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What about the blackbarry pearl flip, anyone know anything about it?
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i could tell ya about the storm but not the peral flip sorry
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go for a good sony ericsson dude... they're the true heroes of the day...
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the black berry tour is comin out soon if you are serious about an extra 30 a month. i dig it

I'm posting from mine right now. Best decision I've ever made. Buy this phone immediately! It's infinitely useful. I don't know how I ever lived without it! Pm me with any questions you may have about it.
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