Is there a site where I can hear what a overdrive pedale effect sounds like? I thinking about buying a Danelectro Cool Cat Series CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal. I want to hear what it sounds like I can't find it at any local guitar shops

The TOD is a PaulC Timmy clone. It sounds great and is highly praised. Youtube is the best place to hear demos.


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Yeah, I usually go to YouTube. Or on Guitar Centers website, they have samples sometimes., which are better quality.
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Proguitarshop.com has lots of demos, the cool cat isn't on there though.
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Musiciansfriend has samples for some items. However, the thing with OD's is that unless you have the same amp and guitar and settings as in the demo, It's not exactly how it will sound. Also, settings can be tweaked to make it sound totally different. Sometimes, reading reviews and descriptions can tell you as much as a soundclip.
well, i've tried it, i can honestly say it sounds pretty damn good, it's definately transparent.

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At guitarcenter.com most of their pedals have audio samples of them on different settings