I am a trained musician teaching myself acoustic guitar to play classical and fingerstyle guitar and can tune the strings but it seems that the notes produced on the first fret are too sharp. If I play a chromatic scale from the second fret onwards everything is in tune, so I think maybe the problem is that the distance between the nut and the first fret is too small? Do I have a badly made guitar? Can I do anything about tuning it?
Thanks for any advice
What guitar do you have? Also, where and how hard are you pressing?
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The guitar is old and cheap with the name 'Audition' on it. I'm not pressing hard on it at all because I'm using steel strings.
Quote by patticake
you could have a badly made guitar, but have y ou checked the intonation?

I checked the intonation. The 12th fret should be one octave above the tuning of the string. On my guitar, the 12th fret is one octave plus one semitone sharper than it should be. (The octave on my guitar is at the 13th fret for all strings.) Does this help you diagnose what the issue is?