Hi guys,

This is my first time posting here, so excuse any n00b mistakes.

I've been trying to learn the song Hell No , written by Sondre Lerche.

Trying to learn this by ear is beyond my capabilities at this point, and I'd like to request that someone with more skill than I do so.

Google has failed me while searching for this song, and I really want to learn it.

Hi, Any luck on finding a chord chart!? I am also interested in learning this song. It is a bit complicated to learn by ear and I don't have the best recording of it anyway. Any help appreciated!!
OK so I'll write up a tab for this if I figure the whole thing, but here's what I got so far (I'd like some input):

| G Am7 | Em7 Eb | Dsus4 D | Cmaj7 Cm7 |
| G Am7 | Em7 Eb | Dsus4 D | Dm7 D7 |
| Em7 | A7 | D9??? | C7 B7 |

I'm pretty sure of everything except what type of D chord that is in the 3rd bar of the bridge thingy.