Last week I was told I had to do a math project for college, the instructions were very broad and I was given little to no information about this project. I can only tell you what I know. My assignment was to pick any topic that I liked, research it, and find a mathematical pattern, and write a 3 page paper on my findings. I chose Music, but unfortunately I dont know much Music Theory, so I came to you guys. What are some Mathematical patterns in music that if altered, would completely change the original product or make the original product not work and would this be enough to write a 3 page paper on.

I can only come up with so many ideas, one was creating a song. I believe the average song is on a 4/4 BPM, drum rhythm/timing "thing" ( now my ignorance shows haha) maybe someone can expand on that?

I need some suggestions, if you all could provide links to research or any kind of findings which I could use as concrete detail I would greatly appreciate this gesture.

Thank you fellow UG'ers for your time and suggestions.
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Here's something to observe.

Find the pattern in that and there you have it, you've finished half your project. Now just the three pages remain to be written. Good luck!

Thanks for the Idea, maybe you can help me expand on my observation.
Observation: Well the guitar player played only as fast as the drummer, and played on his tempo, when the drummer changed a tempo the guitar player would shred as fast or as slow and almost matched his rhythm. It was hard to pay attention cus IMO that guitar player was annoying as **** and it sounded like a cluster **** of noise.

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Any relavent ideas? Any way to find patterns in music
Couldn't you look at time signatures, or melodic curves, or do something about pythogorean temperament (Invented by the man himself)

Or take a look at total serialism maybe?

EDIT: Guess what I found on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_and_mathematics
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