i just bought a new ibanez Rg 2ex2 which has a dimarzio evo neck pick up and emg stock bridge. however the screws are all rusted and im looking to replace the all the screws on both the hambucker pick up rings as well as the ones by the pickup control switch (which i drew an arrow to) im looking to replace the screws with gold screws as well as the hambucker pick up rings with gold ones. i have been looking for a gold pick up ring kit, (including the screws) but haven't found any. and i also have no idea where to find the screws to replace the ones by the pick up control switch.

if anyone could help me with this i would really appreciate it.
thank you

here is a pic of the guitar where i marked the screws which im looking to replace

It's always possible, albeit doubtful, you might be able to get lucky and find some if you hit up Lowe's or any other hardware store if you really can't find any anywhere.

Or if there's a shop near you you might be able to score some for free. I needed a single knob from Guitar Center once and had this one girl looking around for a good fifteen minutes so she could get it for me for free. Unfortunately she couldn't find it :/. But then again the people in my local GC are pretty chill. Hopefully yours are the same.
they're just screws... go to a hardware store...they'll have some.. bring the old rusty ones for reference in size and you'll be able to find some...
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thanks a bunch i tried at ace hardware but none that were the correct size. if they are the same width and tpi (threads per inch) do they have to be the same length?