Seriously what Hangar said :P

but it's off to a good start, changeup @30 is good, just isn't recorded very well, clean up the playing and check your tunings, and you ought to have somthing here ^^

1:50 gets a bit odd, but hooks at around 2;00 fairly well, are you writing any leads for this at all other than the solo? may accompany it for a much better mix

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you should add some lead to it, and maybe some vocals? anyways good job
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i thought your playing was decent but it seemed like you tried to cram every riff you could think of into one song. the other thing is some of your riffs were thinly disguised "borrowed" ones. some of your changes are just o abrupt and didn't flow. you've got some good ideas but need to learn to edit them better.
tune! it was pretty good but you should work on another guitar part. the transition At 1:50 it sounded pretty bad. the solo is pretty good it fits the song well. all in all not bad maybe clean it up and work on another guitar part and you have a solid song. check my songs out in profile.