I searched but got nothing.. both on here and on google. And I didn't if I should post this in the Computer thread, but anyways..

I recently got this thing called DVD Decrypter from GameCopyWizard.com, and what it's supposed to do is backup your games. So what you do is take your game disk, burn it onto your computer, then burn it onto a blank disk and there ya have it you've got a backup disk (or a new game if you rent games and do this).

Well I'm having problems with it, because I burn the game to my computer, and then I put it onto a disk, but when I try to play it on my 360, it comes up with this thing to put the game into a Xbox 360 to play it..

Is there something I'm doing wrong?? I used DVD+R DL 8.5 gb disks and DVD+R 4.7 disks.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Game consoles cannot play burned versions of a game. You need to mod it.
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Game consoles cannot play burned versions of a game. You need to mod it.

My old X-box could play burned games but only because it had a special mod done to it.
Just plain burned games can't be played on a normal system.
Yeah i forgot to mention that. It's already modded and I've play burned games on it before. But i rather not waste them time of downloading and waiting when it suppose to take like 10 minutes if i just rented a game and burned it.