Im going on a 6 week trip in the outback in 10 days, and im taking my acoustic. Im planning to take a folder full of songs i don't know how to play, and spend my spare time learning some songs. Any suggestions on some songs to learn? Or anything else that could take away time, and be productive??

tl;dr Going on trip, need some songs to learn, suggestions please

Oh and sorry if this is in the wrong place, just send me a message, and i will delete straight away
Russel Morris - The Real Thing

btw you're in the freakin outback (i take it you mean the Australian one?) so why would you want to pass the time faster? It's great out there, what part are you going to?
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also this is maybe the wrong place, you'll hardly get any responses here. Probably in Bands and Artists or the Pit would be better

Thanks for the advice We're going to Broome, and in 6 weeks making our way to darwin. The guitar is more for the times when we are working on farms, then relaxing at night by the campfire, and for the long bus trips we are having, might take it there, and it's an instant connection to the Aboriginal communities we are staying with. Im really looking forward to it actually, but since im going with a small school group, it would be nice to do my own thing for an hour or two every night.