Well I've decided to give my old epi SG a touch up. Well not so much a touch up as change the body of it.

Now would it be possible to buy an SG style body off of Warmoth and then just use the neck off of my epi SG?
Also I was thinking to take this warmoth body and strip it down to basics, which is really just a volume knob and one humbucker.
So ontop of that I'm caught between two humbuckers, a dimebucker or an Invader.
Help would be appreciated.
I'm not sure about the Warmoth body to your neck thing. Best bet would be to email them.
About the pickups, get the Invader. Miles better than the Dimebucker.
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I don't think Epi uses Fender-spec'd neck heels, which is what you'll be getting from Warmoth.

Both of the pickups you're looking at are generally getting a lot of crap across the board, but I can't say for sure if any of it is justified.
The epi neck pocket is not the same as a fender neck pocket. Its not a simple thing of a little sanding either to make it fit.
Well,the neck on your epi is probably not very good.Not just terms of shape/feel (which you might like),but chances are,the whole is just shoddy,and you'd be better off gettin a different neck for this warmoth guitar.
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