Alright hopefully I won't get the obligatory "http://lmgtfy.com/" link for this.

Anyway, bitdefender stopped working for me for some reason, and I don't like using full Security Suites, so does anyone know of any free on-demand virus scanners?
Meaning it isn't constantly running, it just scans when I want it to and that's it?
Preferably one that people are sure runs on Win7.

Thanks ahead of time!
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"Spybot Search and Destroy" and "Adaware" are both really good. They find the bastards, destroy them, then they stop working until you want them to.
I'm using ESET Nod 32 which runs in background by default but can be set as on-demand only. I think I know why you want that but its really not as safe for the tiny bit of memory it uses. Being more of a developer/programmer tool, I am sure it will be ready for Win7.
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i use:
Dr Cure it: http://www.freedrweb.com/


Prevx: http://www.prevx.com/

i usually always use dr cure it to delete viruses and stuff, its really small but it packs a punch...and prevx...after the trial period, i just let it run naturally to detect any viruses, which i then use dr cure it to delete, or manually delete myself.
I've tried Spybot and AdAware (I still use Spybot sometimes, actually) but I want something that feels more anti-virusy
..if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I haven't tried the rest, so I'll take a look into them. Thanks for the suggestions, guys