Hey guys i was wondering if anyone wanted to do a collaboration video online.
1. We find a song that has two guitars or piano (i play the piano as well).
2. We record it with the same backtrack.
3. One person sends the file to the host (has all the editting programs)

Unfortanately, im poor so i cannot afford those programs where they have multi camera view (like one screen two cameras). But if anyone wants to do a collaboration please tell me... reply!
The editing thing isn't much of a problem, even movie maker should handle most of it.
I'd do the video work if you needed it

What type of songs do you have in mind? I'd be interested but I'm stuck with my old crappy amp at the moment.

Also, video inconsistency might be a problem. If your camera records better than the other guys, there could be a quality gap..

Just trying to help you out
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i dunno any song man we should start slow and try an easy song first to see how things would go... like Mary Had a Little Lamb??? naaahhh just kidding i mean easy like pirates of the carribean cover (one does chord one does lead) or like the middle solo of Master of Puppets the live version where James and Kirk play together