i was recently at a pee wee elix gig helping out with sound, and there were a load of funk artists playin as well (din't find out who they were).
but i was entranced to how great the funk bass lines were, can anyone reccomend me some funk artists who have great basslines please??

Will be much appreciated
Yes rchp are a good choice, listen Blood sugar sex magic or the bassline in can't stop
tower of power, parliment funkedelic, sly and the family stone, brothers johnson, early chili peppers, early faith no more, early incubus, early mr bungle. Start there.
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Early Incubus has a lot of funk

Early RHCP
Self titled EP, Freaky Styley, Mofo party, BSSM and Mothers Milk
Some songs in specific:

Power of Equality
Funky Monks
Give it away
Naked in the Rain
Higher Ground
Blackeyed Blonde
Nobody Wierd Like Me
Get Up and Jump
True Men don't kill Coyotes
Me and my Friends
Skinny Sweaty Man

All good
jamiroquai have some great basslines. one of my favourites being "runaway"
The Bamboos
The Brothers Johnson
Kashmere Stage Band

Also, I can't stress how funky Louis Johnson (of the Brothers Johnson) lays it down on Michael Jackson's album Off the Wall - un-funking-believable.
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One can never go wrong with a good James Brown bassline. In my opinion he did his best work when he had the original J.B.s backing him up, which featured Bootsy Collins on bass, but he always had good basslines.

Some good ones that I enjoy:

Funky President
Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose
Super Bad
I Got You (I Feel Good) is probably one of the easiest of the bunch but it's still fun as hell.
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