Hey guys just wondering what I should do with my situation on recording gear for my band.
We're still unsure of how many inputs we need for the band (because of drums).
We're thinking of two possible setups.

Either buying a pre-amp with multiple outputs so the drummer can record on his set and the inputs also work for the rest of the band, singer, guitarist, keyboard.
I am thinking of the Presonus Firebox, or the Fire Studio. Will it also work for other band members who do not have desktop computers with sound cards? Is it a worthy investment?
The second possibility is that we get a small external usb recordin rig (such as M-Audio Fast Track USB) and let the drummer use an electric set and use midi and ez drummer, also use a similar approach for the keyboard with a keyboard simulator.
I'm concerned if we take the second choice we will have aritificial drum sounds which will sound bad in demo's or any song recordings alltogether. If I am correct electric sets tend to be used for backtrack and such.

Any responses are much appreciated, Thanks.
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