I just sold my Gibson SG Faded with Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Livewires in it, as well as my amp and pedal. I have bout $1450 dollars to spend now and Im looking for a guitar ranging for $800 and below and an amp $650 and below (tube). Could u guys suggest anything. I just bought a Dean RC7 so I dont wanna spend too much on another guitar. Just want a smooth playing 6 string along with my 7 string.
I was looking into:

These 5 companies. And oh i do not want a Floyd Rose.

Get a better amp and pay less for a guitar
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what music do you play? i'm guessing metal. and i would say invest more into your amp then your guitar
Yea i will put it more for an amp... So lets say 900-1000 for the amp and 400-500 for the guitar? Any suggestions?
Washburn WI64 or the Washburn WI66 Pro-G. One has humbuckers, the other as P90's (In respective order).
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What bout the ENGL Thunder and Screamer?
Or the Hughes & Kettner Tube 20?


Im kinda leaning towards that right now

the ENGL stuff are great but they seem to be out of your budget looking from musician friend website.