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32 41%
47 59%
Voters: 79.
It's both.

I think it was born a hermaphrodite but had its man bits removed.
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I don't care either way, she can **** off. Vile creature.

Damn that is Whack 8-o
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****ing UGLY. Have you seen her without her hair covering her face.

Sweet Baby Jesus. She LOOKS like a man.
she should die very soon

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i think its a girl

but not sure

would not hit it though.
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can i change my vote to "notttt".

Just looked up some pics and have changed my mind. She looks like a chipmunk.
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I would searchbar her from behind
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Just no. Shes a talentless, arogant, shemale.

i wouldnt say she is talentless, she write all her own music, unlike most mainstream popstars, and if you listen to her vocals when they havnt been prossessed to sh.it in a studio, she's actually a good singer.

but with that said, i still hate her.

in other news; michael jackson invented the hat!
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Just no. Shes a talentless, arogant, shemale.

I wouldn´t call her talentless.

I don't like her music at all but she's a great singer and has also got some serious piano skills.
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yeah, that.
and what the hell is lady gaga famous for?,
I hear this bitches name all the time what has she actually done with her life?
1. Her music would be better if it wasn't processed so much in the studio. Nothing kills the spirit of music as overproduction. Her producer ought to be shot.
2. I wouldn't have such a strong prejudice against her if she stopped wearing all of her ridiculous costumes and stopped using three cans of hairspray a day.
3. Ugh.
4. Better her than other artists I hear on the radio. But then again, who still listens to radio anyways?
5. Disco stick? What?

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Yep it's a man. Just look up "Lady gaga crotch shot" and you can see a pretty prominent bulge in the occasional picture.

Apparently ducktape only holds her dick back so long
Her music is a huge turnoff. Not to mention the penis.
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Not hot. I just now got round to listening to that Just Dance song. The song is dull and generic, autotuned to hell and back, and dynamically compressed so much I got tired of listening to it after 30 seconds. Load of shit.