So i'd like to tune my guitar to C standard. I know i will have to get thicker string gauges but i read that the truss rod has to be adjusted. Can i adjust this myself or would i be better off sending it to a professional to set it up?
i always get it set up at a shop...

i dont know how to do it myself, im sure you could find out on google.

but it never costs much anyways, and they'll make your guitar like new in the process
It shouldn't be too big of a deal, especially if you're going up a string gauge or two.
Don't worry about adjusting it.
What you should do though is press down on the 1st and 24th fret of the low E-string as well as the high E-string and measure/write-down/make a mental image of how far the string is from the 12th fret. (This distance should be about the thickness of a few credit cards, anymore than that and you should get your guitar set-up.)
If you notice any strong change in the distance when you change to drop C after a week or two, then you should adjust the truss rod (I would check out the "ultimate guitar set-up guide" in the electric guitar section of the forum instead of paying someone to do it personally.)

Also, make sure you leave the guitar in one tuning everytime you put the guitar down for the night (I would make this the tuning I use most frequently.)

EDIT: Which gauge of strings are you using at the moment, which do you plan to change to, which tuning do you leave your guitar in at the moment, and are you going to be leaving your guitar in C standard all the time once you change over?
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I'm using .9-.52 at the moment for E standard tuning. I'm planning to change to C standard. Yeah i will not be tuning back up, meaning i'll be leaving it in C. Can i tune to C Sharp standard or to Drop C after tuning it into C standard?