Does anybody know of a free synth VST plugin that turn midi notes into synth. like Kore Player, but kore has really few stock sounds. I like rhytm synth strings.

Can you give a link if you know about anyone?
BUT, what do you guys recommend for metal like synth backgrounds?

and something that is simple to use and user friendly?
I seek a VST which have sound in some sort of library like Kore (by NI), and a simple user interface.

If any of you got one or know of one. tell me.
If you don't mind getting torrents, then you could get the KORE player for free from the native instruments website and download a couple of the MASSIVE soundpacks from demonoid, but if you don't like torrents, the KORE is easy to use if you use it through REAPER, i use it without a MIDI keyboard even, just a plain typing one.