Quazfest VIII.
at the Kestrel Suite, Cow Lane, Burnley.

Slack Babbath
Mutz Nutz
Hillbilly Shotgun Reunion

Sat 8th Aug. 2009, 2pm 'till late.
Food available all day.

Tickets £6 (£7 on the door) available from Weird & Wonderful (standish st.
Burnley) and Electron Records, (Hall st. Burnley) on sale from Mon, 20th, July.

Yes it's that time of year again and Quazfest has once again rolled around.
We're eight years old this time and there has been talk of continuing until
Quazfest 10 then calling it a day, but that's something that remains to be
Kicking off the event will be a brand new band, formed especialy to play
Quazfest, called Hillbilly Shotgun Reunion who promise to be a real treat.
As always, Quazfest are supporting young bands that may not necessarily be able
to get gigs in regular venues because these are the future of our local music
scene, so with that in mind, the next two acts will be Splyce and Inferia, two
bands of very talented youngsters fairly new to the scene who have proven
themselves capable of taking on a Quazfest crowd.
After those will be Mutz Nutz, a punk/rock crossover band that has been taking
the local area by storm recently, these are not to be missed.
As always Quazfest will be headlined by those lovable reprobates, Black Sabbath
tribute band, Slack Babbath.