So I tried posting in the Agile Thread but **** that, you never get an answer there. I just got the new email from kurt and some of those new 2000 models look so nice, im wanting to pull the trigger right now. But I have a question about the difference between the slim profile neck and the normal neck. See I have relatively small hands, and I broke my fretting wrist a year ago and its just not the same when it comes to stretching. As much as I love the normal les paul, I dont know if the neck from the 2000 will be too big, if I order one with a slim profile neck, then what will i find to be different from the normal neck? Will it just be the width of the neck that will be less or the actual size of the neck will be smaller, because I dont want it to feel like an SG neck, I want it to feel like a les paul neck only a bit smaller, is that what i'm going to get?

So anyone have any experience?
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