Alright, quick request. I would like some expert opinion on a good electric guitar for someone who has been practicing and playing consistently for around 8 months on a cheap Fender knock-off guitar, is willing to pay somewhere around $500-700, really loves the blues, but also really loves metal. I've been looking around and I'm really drawn to the Ibanez Artcore and similar guitars. A tremolo bar would be an asset, and 24 frets would also be nice but not a huge priority if it'd end up eliminating some good guitars.

Thanks for any help!
The Schecter C-1 series of guitars sounds good for you. They make a lot of different models, all with 24 frets. I'd take one of those over an Artcore anyday.
take a look at the jackson dinky series that have seymour duncans or a jackson soloist with seymour duncans
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Cort KX-5FR? Excellent value at around $400
If it wasn't for the trem and 24 frets I'd point you at an Agile AL3100 which would cover blues tones better than most metal axes, but still give you the metal range and everything in between.
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maybe a ltd ec-260
it has coil tap and is pretty versitile i heard..
not 100% sure though
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24 frets and tremolo aren't highest priority, I could do without. The Agile sounds quite good, how much would it generally cost?
dude, that is the moust mature and smart request ive seen in some time. Its really rare to find people like you

what about this?
I´ve never heard anything thats not good about it, it will obviously do metal and Im pretty sure it can do some blues too since its alder with maple(strat like).
^ It was average at best. He didn't mention his amp.
Schecter C-1s are great, Ibanez RG series, Ibanez Xiphos (maybe used), a used Carvin, and a Jackson Dinky should all be considered.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

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yeaah but except that he told everything else, i remember one gut that said: hey i saw this guitar it was awesome, im sure it was purple can you guys help me find it?.

Oh and on topic what amp do you have spongemonkey. I wouldnt recomend rgs cause most of them have the edge 3 and i´ve heard its pretty crap
Right now all I own is the cheap little amp that came in my guitar starter package, but I'm borrowing a Micro Cube from a friend to practice on, which I'm quite pleased with. I plan to buy something better soon, I've been told to go with a tube amp so I think I'll go with something in the $200-300 price range for that.

And thanks for all the help so far guys.