Hey guys, I been using ultimate guitar for a long time. I use it to look for bass tabs and what not.

I recently made a new site which I need members that are musicians and/or metal fans. This website is for people who enjoy different kinds of music(not just metal) and talk about it with other members.
My site will have many cool features like an internet radio, contest for best original song, band contest(where you can get a bunch of site members together and create a song through the internet), and much more. I will have a musician of the month and much much more to make members seem interested in the site.
I am trying to get this site on the road, taking donations and money I can scrounge up to get this site a more professional look for the future.


So Join The Metal Chapel!
Seems eerily similar to the name Metal Church. i doubt they will care though seeing as they sold 980 copies of their last CD in the first week.
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If it's not just metal then why call it the metal chapel?

its mainly for metal, but i would like to have some members who respect other types of music as well..

also, the site is for all musicians that like metal. Anywhere from singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists, etc.
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