I was thinking about getting a Marshall Cab and Head.
The cab I was thinking about is this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Marshall-MG412A-or-MG412B-120W-4x12-Guitar-Extension-Cabinet-101644409-i1145923.gc

I couldn't really find a good head so I need some help on that.

I play rock/metal on a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR (active emgs).
At the moment I don't gig and my budget is around 800$ (cab for $300ish and head for $500ish or vice versa, as long as it adds up to $800).
Couple questions:

Are you willing to go used?

Does it have to be Marshall?

How loud do you need it to be? (where will you be playing this?)


As far as the MG cab goes, I would shy away. You could get a nicer 2x12 Cab or something instead. Also, at that budget it might be better to look at a nice used combo amp.
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That cab is garbage. Abandon your preconcieved notions about what brands are good and all that, and listen to the advice you are about to recieve. Also keep in mind, the more info you give the better info you'll get. So go ahead and give us all the info you can think of about what you need/want, where/when you intend to use it, and anything else you find relevant.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I'll be mainly using it at home and with my band. It could be loud though since I'm alone most of the time. I need a tube amp that could play rock/metal music. That's all I really need.
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this is nice too. guy also has a XXX cab for sale...not the greatest cab, but its better than the Marshall you were looking at.

that about all i found in his price range too

theres a 6505+ for 700
you could potentially talk him down to 600 and get a cheap cab for the time being
i believe i saw a few b-52 cabs which are ok

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