I currently have a Spider Line 3 15W amp and a Digitech RP90 effects pedal. I currently use distortion and effects from my pedal and use my amp basically as a speaker for the pedal. Should I sell them both and grab a bigger and nicer amp for more money? Or grab a medium range amp and keep my effects pedal. Or can I just buy a plain speaker and use my pedal on that?
Genres you play?
Guitars you have?
Budget for a new amp?
Know anything about tube amps?
Willing to go used?
If willing to go used, what's your nearest metropolitan area (so I can look up some craigslist ads for you)?

Tell me these things and i can make an informed decision

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well, you are not running with my favorite kinda stuff there, and most here would probably agree with me. most people on here would tell you to do just what you mentioned, toss it out and upgrade. imo though, it is not worth upgrading until you actually have the money to upgrade, you don't want to waste money on just more expensive crap, you want expensive good stuff. also, if you trade out all your effects and just get another amp, then i hope you like clean tones(or distorted) because that is all you are probably going to get.

the bottom line is if you are only really using that digitech for distortion, and you can scrape together at least 500 bucks or so. don't worry about it.

so i wouldn't recommend a 'medium' range amp, cuz it'll probably be a waste of money, there is not much difference between a 15 watt SS amp and a 30 watt SS amp. wait to at least get a 15 to 30 watt tube amp.

"Or can I just buy a plain speaker and use my pedal on that?"
this is the one i don't understand here. but despite the lack of clarity i am pushed to say 'no', no matter how you work that one out, i don't think you can get away with a 'plain speaker', you will need an amp and an enclosure for the speaker.
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