so lately ive been getting some random static while i play... and after checking everything up it seems that its my guitar input jack (i think that's how its called) that keeps getting loose and i have to tighten the screws up every time before i play...

any suggestions how to keep it tight?
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Are you just hand tightening it?

with a screwdriver obviusly ... those are tiny tiny screws
Solder 'em. Those bitches won't move again.
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The screws that hold the jackplate in are coming loose? If that´s the case then buy some thicker screws and put those in.
are you talking about the plastic cover or the jack where you plug your cable into? if it`s the jack plug then use some loctite on the nut it`ll never move again the plastic cover just tape it down...........simples
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or take them out and break off a toothpick in there, then screw em back in

that did it!