another initial title
about my ex bandmates ex gf

verse 1
I tip my hat to you
For telling me the truth
But it was harsh and i don't think that i can see it through
Now I have hurt myself
'cause you put me through hell
Now i'm an inch away from just being an empty shell
I still love you so much
a lot more than all these sluts
now suffocate me with you're perfect smile
you're amazingly cute and you have great style
and i know that i haven't got any chance
but i still love every single passing glance
verse 2
I've been in love with you for these past few years
And i've ignored everybody's stupid jeers
But you still love the one who hurt you and brought you to tears
of you______
of YOU______
*sigh* reported..
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black