my girlfriend is a beginner guitarist, and she is quite small. she finds it uncomfortable to play a full-size acoustic with a standard depth body. we were at our local music shop last night looking at a few oscar schmidt guitars. she spent some time playing an OG8CE. (http://www.oscarschmidt.com/products/acoustics/og8ce.asp) which she found to be a pretty decent fit. the shop was selling it for $189.99 USD.

i would like to know what my other options might be before deciding to go with the oscar schmidt. surely there must be other shallow body guitars out there. my only concern is price. as i said, she's a beginner, so i don't believe it's worthwhile for me to go out and get her a $500+ guitar. i'd like to stay at entry level.

any and all thoughts/suggestions/comments are welcome. and thanks for taking the time to read over my thread. :]
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I'd say it's definitely worth it to wait until you have at least $300 to spend, but if she likes that guitar, go for it.
funny you should say that. i was just discussing it with her, and we've both decided to push the budget up another hundred to $350.

it seems at $250 and under, there are very few options.
For womans, triple-0 or parlor sized guitars are way to go. Also nice for fingerpicking, and as a fingerpicker myself I did a quite a research when I was buying my own, I'd recommend Art & Lutherie's AMI, which you can get on ebay for around $200~. It is much smaller so it is easier to play for people with smaller hand.

NOT ADVERTISING, here is a auction going on right now..
To be honest, for a price that low you're much better off just getting an acoustic and adding a soundhole pickup later on.

Seagull has a few good acoustics (no built-in electronics) for around that price. The Coastline Grand would sound beautiful and be very easy to hold.
i'm okay with just a plain acoustic as opposed to an acoustic electric. i'll look into the seagull. thanks!