Alright guys, I'm in the rehearsal stages of a new band of mine (yes, I'm a busy man ).
This is completely different to my other band, The Fury, as this is alternative pop/rock/experimental inspired by the likes of Biffy Clyro/Foals with touches of Mars Volta in there, with some crazy driving beats.

We've already had some raving reviews on the tracks from industry folks saying there's a massive market out there for bands like us atm, so once we've finished rehearsing and writing a bit more we should be hitting the live scene, and have some pretty impressive first gigs in the pipeline, so that's nice.

Anyway, all we have up right now are a few tracks (no fancy myspace design or images yet, I'm afraid), and since I love UG, I thought I'd share them with people. It's probably not really gonna be most of you guys' cups of tea, but some of you might like it.


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