i've been playing for roughly 4 years now, all self taught and i've grown a real nasty habit up just up-strumming/picking. i've been trying to get rid of the habit and make alternate picking my new one, especially since i'm having trouble doing harder solos, not because of my fingers not being able to keep up, but because i keep doing up-picking only.

any and all help is truly appreciated.

and for those who might suggest lessons, i don't have the time as i'm going into college, or money (see previous reason) to do so.
So you don't even down pick?

Might want to at least work on that since you can already up pick.

Then link them together and voila.....alt picking.
the awkward thing for me is, i can tremolo pick just fine. granted, its not always the cleanest picking, its just moving from string to string that ****s me up.
sorry, i'm an idiot, i mean down-picking. thats embarrassing. i down-pick** everything.
By tremelo do you mean just really fast alt picking on 1 string?

If so can you control that to where you are only picking 4 or 8 or 16 notes?

If not you just need to slow down and practice alt picking with a metronome until you can actually control the amount of notes you are picking.
You'll be amazed at how much doing an alternate picking excersize cleanly a few times will help. Make sure every note you play rings out and just play it maybe ten times or so (obv. the more the better) You might not see an improvement immediately but to me it seems like muscle memory kicks in the day after practicing

Good luck!
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By the way, Paul Gilbert used to play with all upstrokes, and a huge amount of people used to play with all downstrokes - the only thing that seperates you and them is practice. Read the main sticky, sit down, do the work, get the reward.