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I have quite a few

Natural Born Killers
Lost Highway
The Crow
Boogie Nights
Saturday Night Fever
Almost Famous
Pulp Fiction
American Beauty
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The Pirates of the Caribbean series is mind-blowing.


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Blade Runner.


Almost forgot Ferris Bueller's Day Off...

....Ohhhhhhhh Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
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Forrest Gump
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Karvid is sexy

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Pirates of the Caribbean - he's a pirate
Kill Bill Vol.1
The Departed - the song at the end "Sweet Dreams - Roy Buchanan"
Could Mountain
Control your destiny.
Pink Floyd The Wall
The Lord of the Rings
Star Wars

I also quite like the music to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind because it fits the film great, but I doubt I'd like it as much for general listening.
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The Crow
Puniser: War Zone
Space Jam
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28 Weeks Later, primarily for its use of "In the House - In a Heartbeat".
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Nightmare before christmas is sweet, so is the soundtrack to Once. They're both musicals though, so they better have sweet music.
Pirates of the caribbean trilogy
Star Wars Trilogies
Indiana Jones Trilogy.
Lords of Dogtwon has a really good one.
grok it.


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Saw and Fargo
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Some of my favourite scores in no real order:

Kingdom Of Heaven
Black Hawk Down
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
The Last Samurai
Pirates Of The Caribbean
The Dark Knight
Transformers: The Movie (the animated 80's one with "The Touch"!)

As you can see, lots of Zimmer in there.

EDIT: Not a film score, but the music for the game "Dreamfall - The Longest Journey" is another of my favourites.
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Lords of Dogtwon has a really good one.

Can't believe I forgot about that, that soundtrack was immense.
Tales from the Crypt
Judgment Night
The crow
Almost forgot Saturday Night Fever
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I've always liked the soundtracks for Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation. I also like The Wedding Singer for the 80's kitsch.
jurassic park is awesome.

batman of 89 and 90...

back to the future...

and dan in real life...
"the end has no end"
The score that plays in Empire Strikes back when Leia leaves with Lando after Han Solo is frozen in carbonite brings me to tears every time.
Into the Wild.

Written by Eddie Vedder, sick soundtrack and incredibly underrated film.


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28 Weeks Later, primarily for its use of "In the House - In a Heartbeat".

Oh lawdy, just put it in me. I love you.

Also LOTR.
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