DON`T USE LEMON OIL ON MAPLE, it`s ok for rosewood go to your guitar store and ask for fomula 65 polish and formula 65 lemon oil.



and use a micro fibre cloths(you don`t get any lint sticking to your strings etc)...i use 4, 2 for each( 1 to apply 1 to rub down).
Does it have to be the actual formula 65 stuff or will normal lemon oil work just as well cos I hear that the lemon oil in things such as formula 65 isn't actually from lemons.
don`t use lemon juice, lemon oil is totally different to lemon juice which is a acid...... the formula65 stuff is about £3 for a small bottle and £7 for a large bottle(lasts about 3 years), there are eqivalents by planetwaves and a couple of other guitar companies, it`s all the same stuff.

lemon oil as far as i`m aware doesn`t come from lemons.
I put mine in the dishwasher all the time.. Have to take the neck off though to get it to fit.