Hey, so I'm on the market for a looper, and I mainly use BOSS pedals. Right now, I'm torn between the RC-2 and the RC-20XL.

The second has two seperate pedals (Note: Still don't understand why, exactly), but which is better all-around for how much I pay? Apparently they both record up to 16 mins, and I don't see myself ever looping 11 seperate tracks over each other, but I do like to change what I looped a little, as in undoing etc.

Anyone have either of these, have an opinion or anything?
By the way, sorry if this is the wrong place for this, still not too savvy on where to post what on here.
I'd take this to the Guitar Gear and Accessories.

And you're not too sure where to post, but you're an 07'er?
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